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When purchasing a property it’s best practice to have a homebuyer survey conducted. This will ensure there are no unexpected repair bills that come up later down the line. Our team of expert surveyors conduct an expert visual inspection to ensure that all of the plumbing and heating systems have been installed correctly and work as they should. As well as this, we will highlight any issues or areas of concern with the property. Our team will then advise you on the best course of action or remedial work to give you peace of mind.

A homebuyer survey is the best way to understand the level of investment you will require to have the property how you want it and in good working order. For more information on our homebuyer surveys or to enquire about our services then get in touch.

Benefits Of A Home Buyer Report

Having a homebuyer survey conducted on a property is great for giving you peace of mind as a buyer but it also helps all parties involved in the process. From gas installations, boiler & plumbing systems and any other heating systems in the property our highly trained team will assess all systems to ensure they are installed properly and won’t leave you with expensive damage repairs in the future.

It’s important to have a full survey and report carried out on the heating and plumbing systems when purchasing a new home as it can be costly and sometimes dangerous if they are faulty.

A homebuyer survey can be carried out by either a potential buyer, an estate agent or the property landlord to ensure the building is functioning as it should be.

A Buyer

If you are the buyer, a report will demonstrate that the property you are interested in has been visually inspected, meaning you avoid potentially costly repairs when you move in.

A Seller

Our service will advise you of any work that needs addressing before you market the property. Get in touch with us today for more information.

An Estate Agent

If you are an estate agent, a home buyers report may lead to a quicker sale, as it will give the buyer confidence in the property and its condition.

What To Expect From A Heating & Plumbing Homebuyer Survey

The visual inspection our team carries out on thee heating system can take between one to two hours and consists of:

  • Checking The Gas Boiler
  • Gas & Hot Water Pipe Work
  • Radiators
  • Gas Meter
  • Hot Water Cylinder
  • Thermostatic Controls


Once the inspection is complete, we will advise you on any potential issues and advise you on any remedial solutions that may be required. If further work is required before being suitable for sale, our team will be able to assist with any repairs or replacement parts.

Contact Us About Home Buyer Surveys In From

For home buyer surveys in Frome and the surrounding areas including Trowbridge & Shepton Mallet, contact the engineers at Brûler Ltd today. We can organise the survey at a time to suit you, so give us a call on 01373 836705.

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